About Us

We are an independent Bulgarian company, a direct importer of pearl powder for painting cars, motorcycles, bicycles, metalwork, joinery, MDF, plastic, fiberglass, DIY, and epoxy jewelry Our full range of pearl powder can be used with epoxy resin for table tops, manicure, and almost any application. They are used to create unique colors such as double-layer and triple-layer pearls. We market four-color Chameleon pearls, whose unique smooth iridescent colors create special color effects. Due to its nature, any pearl powder is not affected by UV rays and does not fade or change color.
We have been working with pearl powder since 2009. The products we offer meet all global quality standards. We constantly test all products for quality and durability. We are in constant contact with the technical departments of our pearl powder manufacturers, so we will be able to answer all your questions adequately.
For Bulgaria, we offer the best (lowest) prices on the retail market.
Our deliveries are sent from a warehouse in Burgas to anywhere in Bulgaria within 24 to 48 hours. We are happy to advise our customers on achieving the desired visual effect when using our products.
We at perly.org appreciate all our customers, especially those who take the time to send us photos.